How to Stay On Top of Your To-Do List

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I consult and run a retail business.  My to-do list is every growing.  Most days I admit, I don’t feel as though I accomplished much.  Then this leads to me procrastinating and being distracted.  However, last Friday I accomplished a benchmark. Only after celebrating my achievement did I realized what actions it took to do so.  In this post I will share with you the tips used.  I hope it helps you to accomplish your goals.

Keep Your Promises and Stop Procrastinating

Last week I made a commitment to myself to push hard and complete a BIG project that has been ongoing for at least one year.  As much as I wanted to knock that project out of the park I had to work for two of my clients, giving them both full 8 hour days for 3 days.  As you can imagine the last thing I wanted to do was more work when I got home.  Yet each evening, I worked for an additional 4 hours and by Friday night I had completed the project. Finally after months and months of work, procrastination, work, distractions and work I kept my promise to myself.

Stop Feeling Overwhelmed

As Owners, Managers and Founders your to-do list is continuously being updated. In addition, every week there is a new project and all of it is a priority.  How do you see progress and not feel overwhelmed?  As I posted previously, I use accountability partners. Also, on occasions I become single minded to get the job done.   The latter is true for those dreaded or tedious tasks. You and I know the work needs to be finished even if there is something else diverting your attention away.  STOP and finish the job.

Break It Down

Another tool I use to deal with the unpleasant chores of my business is breaking down the larger job into smaller tasks.  By cutting the larger job into small tasks, you can see the progress over time and it reduces the stress associated to doing those dreaded or tedious tasks.

Being a Business or Nonprofit Leader is a responsibility that you stepped up to do.  You can be effective and accomplish a great deal.  By keeping commitments, especially those you make to yourself, and breaking projects into smaller tasks you will see the progress and feel successful.

If you have any comments or tips you want to share please so, so we all can benefit.

Wishing you much success.


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