Target Market D.P.L. Profile

The Target Market D.P.L. Profile includes demographic, psychographic and lifestyle information about your target market. This report helps you identify potential customers that you can market to, convert them into paying customers and create raving fans.

Neighborhood Demographic Report

A powerful demographic summary of communities by zip code. This synopsis puts at your fingertips information about neighborhoods and the area where your business is located.

In the time it takes you to drink a cup of coffee watch short business videos on marketing, management and strategy.

Imagine being able to get simple solutions to your business (or nonprofit) challenges with a someone who has been there, done that and has the t-shirt. Learn something new or be reminded of proven best practices to succeed as a solopreneur, freelancer, side hustler, small business owner or nonprofit founder.

Life as an entrepreneur is the best personal development class you will ever take.

In this blog I share with you my experiences as an entrepreneur on the road less traveled. It is my aim to provide you with useable tools and tips and I hope to encourage you on your entrepreneurial journey. Wishing you much success.

Read What Clients Have To Say About Lorne

I don't want to brag so I will let others do it.

"Lorne is great. Her 'Target Market D.P.L Profile' and 'Neighborhood Demographic Synopsis' is fantastic and very helpful. Since getting both reports, I am confident that my marketing, branding and social media are connecting to my target market. What she gave me put my marketing right track!"

Ayanna of Ayanna ListenBee

"Being a first-time business owner there are always questions one may have pertaining to their business. Lorne has always been my go to person whenever I needed guidance or feedback pertaining to my event planning company. She has always offered suggestions and solutions to situations where I did not see an obvious clear answer. Lorne’s warm and friendly personality makes her easy to talk to and never ends a conversation without finding a solution to your problem."

Wenda of Always Perpekto

"As a new business owner I find myself often inundated with information and research. Even the smallest of information can be extremely helpful. Lorne’s ability to break down and explain the rules for a start-up business in conjunction with her knowledge and background as a hands-on entrepreneur helped me from making a mistake that would have cost me at least $1,000. When starting from scratch, every penny is valuable and with Lorne’s consulting I felt I was properly informed about the system in order to make the best decision for myself, my company and my pocket book!"

Mia Anita of Closet Collection Int’l