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I am a teacher. I have taughter Kinder thru to college. Being able to share with others information that can help is important. This is where I share my online courses, workshops, and webinars.


I opened my first business at the age of 12. Since then I have opened a boutique, a franchise, and a nonprofit. Here is where I will share all I know about business with you.


Many have suggested that I become a Coach because my interaction with them leads to a profound experience. They felt the way I help people with their lives and businesses is unlike other coaches and consultants. It is tangible, honest, and produces results.

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Closet Collection Int’l

Closet Collection Int’l

Mia Anita

"As a new business owner I find myself often inundated with information and research. Even the smallest of information can be extremely helpful. Lorne’s ability to break down and explain the rules for a start-up business in conjunction with her knowledge and background as a hands-on entrepreneur helped me from making a mistake that would have cost me at least $1,000. When starting from scratch, every penny is valuable and with Lorne’s consulting I felt I was properly informed about the system in order to make the best decision for myself, my company and my pocket book!"

Ayanna ListenBee Collection

Ayanna ListenBee Collection


"Lorne is great. Her 'Target Market D.P.L Profile' and 'Neighborhood Demographic Synopsis' is fantastic and very helpful. Since getting both reports, I am confident that my marketing, branding and social media are connecting to my target market. What she gave me put my marketing right track!"

Always Perpecto

Always Perpecto


"Being a first-time business owner there are always questions one may have pertaining to their business. Lorne has always been my go to person whenever I needed guidance or feedback pertaining to my event planning company. She has always offered suggestions and solutions to situations where I did not see an obvious clear answer. Lorne’s warm and friendly personality makes her easy to talk to and never ends a conversation without finding a solution to your problem."