Day 34 of 100 Day Challenge: Book Review “The Passion Test” by Janet Bray Attwood and Chris Attwood

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Janet Bray Attwood and Chris Attwood

Janet Bray Attwood and Chris Attwood

Today I am fixated on why I feel stuck. Then it hit me, I stopped doing the work. I am dusting off The Passion Test and getting busy.

I found The Passion Test about two years ago. I was skeptical because I don’t believe that some of us have one passion to follow. I purchased the book along with two others in hopes one of them would assist me with thriving on my uncharted path. All three books were helpful however “The Passion Test” really hit the spot.

Basically, “The Passion Test” is a process of focusing on your passions as of right now. Whew, that takes a lot of pressure off because right now is all we have. The process allows you to rank and focus your attention on manifesting the top fives passions of your life, right now. The entire process takes less than a day. The authors recommend that you redo the process every six months. They assume you would have achieved/realized a few passions within that time frame. Also, life might have presented you with an opportunity that rattles the priority list altogether.

Within these pages is when I first read that the job of GOD was already taken. That should be a PSA for the world. Besides the process of creating my passion list that idea/concept is powerful. I know I have spent years trying to orchestrate how things were going to happen. Only to experience the opposite. Have you ever heard the expression, “want to make GOD laugh then make plans.” That is befitting of the us trying to CEO of the Universe.

I highly recommend purchasing “The Passion Test” and doing contained within. I will be updating my top five passion. Yet, I am most looking forward to seeing how they will become/manifest in my life.

If you have read “The Passion Test” or what to know more about the process leave me a comment below.

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