Free and Helpful Online Business and Nonprofit Counseling with SCORE

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Recently, I went to Southern California Edison’s workshop “How To Prepare a Winning Marketing Plan”. This came at a good time for Sculpted Silhouette. Yet there was a resource “pearl” shared with the workshop participants that I must pass on. Did you know that SCORE offers free online counseling from legal to taxes to marketing? I am aware of SCORE and their services but the free online counseling was something new. After you submit your question to a counselor of your choice, SCORE promises they will respond to you within 48 hours. I submitted my questions and got a response within the hour. Check it out.


WANT TO USE THIS IN YOUR BLOG, E-ZINE OR WEBSITE? You can, as long as you include this complete tag with it: Lorne S. Wellington has a BA and MBA. She has been consulting and advising businesses and nonprofit organizations for over 12 years. In addition, she created a nonprofit in 1997 and today she owns Sculpted Silhouette, a lingerie boutique in Los Angeles. Her clients are located in the USA, Italy and South Africa. She has worked with a food manufacturing company, several retailers, an international aid organization, a bed and breakfast and a multi media company.


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