How Many Jobs Does It Take To Become Debt Free

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How Many Jobs Do I Have?

As many as I need and can do to pay off my my debt. Currently I have 4 entrepreneurial endeavors. They are bookkeeping, janitorial, Avon and a side retail thing (I will share more on that at a later time). I am doing everything I know how to do well because that is how bad I want to get out of debt.

Trading Time For Money

Yet trading time for money is over.  I don’t have anymore time to trade. As of today I have decided no more bookkeeping clients. I will continue to provide the service to my existing clients but i just can’t take on any more. This is Good News to me.

Now I have to consider other options, like eBay. I put something up on eBay yesterday let’s see how it does. If there is anyone who is a successful merchant please contact me, I need help.

Accountability Update

This is the bad news. I am still over budget every month. So for the rest of March I shall do nothing but pay bills. A lot of the over budget are my customers being slow payers and bank fees. Now for the really bad news. I bounced a check, ARGH! So now I have to sit down and really see where I can improve my disciple and spending.

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