I am Lorne S. Wellington. I am an Entrepreneur. I Have Many Ideas and Interests.

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My Epiphany and a BIG answer to prayer. Since I was a single digit (say 9 yrs. old) my entrepreneurship spirit has been alive. My 1st business was Mother’s Day Off, a party planning business for a child’s 1st birthday only. But even then the world said pick one thing, your passion, and all else will work out including the money following. Well I had other passions but chose management (business and nonprofit) over all the others. Secretly I have regretted that decision. However as I progressed over the years this sentiment of chose a niche or pick one thing still persisted. I would give my best effort to fit within a box. Even after going to South Africa and back I kept trying new stuff and hearing oh what are you doing now? Honestly that question always made me feel like a failure. However, I pressed on and gave my all to the new venture/the next thing.

You see for me the way passion was described by gurus and regular folk just seemed in the end like a great work ethic. I felt this way because what I was passionate about didn’t just reside in one topic or vocation, it rested in several places. So either I wasn’t passionate or passion was really about having the staying power AKA a good work ethic.

Then 2 days ago I woke with a headache and I thought it was stress related. I asked God what am going to do now? His answer was still the daily South African references (going on 5+ years now), an old bra customer calling because she is in desperate need, me attending a travel event at the last minute and while at the travel event my other interests (women entrepreneurs in developing counties and chocolate) were all highlighted. My headache was worsening. I felt like my interests were all neon lights competing for attention like the lights of Las Vegas.

Earlier that day, I asked someone one’s opinion about the daily references to South Africa and why when I ask God to close Sculpted Silhouette he sends another customer (new or old). He said just talk to God again and speak the scriptures out loud.  On the way home from the travel event I asked my mom again for the one billionth time, “mom what is my passion”. Her answer was “you seem to want to create jobs as well as create businesses”. In my head I said, oh yea the other must have for my professional life, more added on not taken away, ARGH!!!!! So while coasting up the street heading home, I asked God and my mom “what is the name of what I am supposed to be professionally that combines all these interests?” Once I got home I felt inclined to find a book I used previously for finding/defining my passion but found another book that been recommended to me, “As a Man Thinkith” and read it. Before I feel asleep my headache went away.  AAHH

The next morning while checking emails and I signed up for a life coach’s b-school newsletter. That took me to a video where she said she was a Multi Passionate Entrepreneur. Umph (like Scooby Doo). Then she proceeded to describe her life and how finding a singular niche just didn’t work. Some way she has figured out how to balance and combine her interests professionally/entrepreneurially. She thrived and the money followed!  Finally an answer. By no means has the process of being “this person” come to me but just the idea that there is a title, a name, and someone else in this big world being it/doing it. RELIEF and CONFIRMATION. I am not crazy, scattered brained or any other descriptor implied by what are you doing now? Then I reviewed her website and lo and behold the way she set up her navigation headings brought on more clarity. YES, YES and YES. Paraphrasing President Obama, Yes I Can!

I am Lorne Shelby Wellington and I am a Multi Passionate Entrepreneur. Thank you God for the answer now let’s get busy.


WANT TO USE THIS IN YOUR BLOG, E-ZINE OR WEBSITE? You can, as long as you include this complete tag with it: Lorne S. Wellington has a BA and MBA. She has been consulting and advising businesses and nonprofit organizations for over 12 years. In addition, she created a nonprofit in 1997 and today she owns Sculpted Silhouette, a lingerie boutique in Los Angeles. Her clients are located in the USA, Italy and South Africa. She has worked with a food manufacturing company, several retailers, an international aid organization, a bed and breakfast and a multi media company.
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