Day 9 of 100 Day Challenge: A Change In Perspective

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In 2007, while attending a business conference, I asked a panel of business experts how I should use social media to market my business and be online. The consensus of the panel was pick one thing and fully commit. That advice is based on two common beliefs for business and professional achievement. Those two core beliefs are, find your passion and work within your niche. Both mindsets assume and require a person to only have one passion and that a person can only be successful if they focus on one sector/industry/environment/audience. There is credence to this logic but it negates people who don’t fit into that mold. It dismisses the person on the uncharted path as scattered.

Following that advice, I went back online again. Also, I recognized that social media was really beginning to build momentum. Yet, I could not get into it. I admit I had mental blocks and prejudices. I tried but found it difficult to choose only one of my passions. I was not consistent or fully engaged. Mixing that with my limited understanding of social media, I put off online marketing. So my business suffered and I watched over the years how other people were doing what I wanted to do.

My Ah Ha Moment

Fast forward to last week. I am trying to wrap my mind around what the main objective of this website and a conversation with a friend affirmed something I knew but was too afraid to acknowledge no less act upon. He says to me that sometimes it is hard to follow my train of thoughts. He went on to say that where I see connections he would have never made the linkage. And then a light came on, dimly but it was on. I asked myself why do I have to limit myself. I can do whatever I want. I don’t have to focus my efforts. My businesses have to focus. Said differently and specifically in relation to online marketing and social media, my businesses have to stay on brand but my brand can encompass several ideas/concepts. What I have to be is consistent.

Online marketing has been proven as a viable method to connect audiences and make money. I have to treat online-ness and online marketing like a new interest. I have to figure out how to utilize the platform for a multipassionate entrepreneur. I have a lot of ideas and not a lot funds to execute those ideas. Social media is an inexpensive tool and I have to use the tool for the benefit of my goals and objectives. If there is a way to do so I can figure it out.

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