Day 41 of 100 Day Challenge: Finally It Has Happened To Me

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YES!Last week I did the work and got real clear about what I wanted in my life right now. I used The Passion Test, to focus my attention and to stop the future thinking. That same day, I remembered a teaching job lead a friend mentioned. Today, I was able to follow up on the lead. Within a few hours I was hired! YES!

The Art of Allowing

I know from experience what it is like to live when things just happen without any resistance. Today I felt the flow again. I was in the zone. My faith was sure. Oh YES! I finally achieved one of my big goals that has been lingering around for a few years. I am teaching in higher education with a flexible schedule, so I can pursue other interests, while impacting my students in a meaningful way and netting the income I need.

In total it took me a year and a half to achieve that goal. Once I started actually teaching, it only took six months to realize the complete intention. How I transitioned into teaching was through networking and a random observance. Now that networking took almost a year but reflecting back, I can see how I was not allowing “it” to happen. I was trying to force how I wanted “it” to happen verses letting “it” happen. Once I reminded myself that positon of GOD was taken, I got the call from the Dean of the Business Department asking if I still wanted to teach. Now “it” was happening.

What Matters Is That The Goal Is Achieved NOT How The Goal Comes To Life

As for the random observance, all I can say is I could have not made this story up if I tried. One of my good friends and fellow entrepreneurs texted me May 5th in the morning. She said she thought she saw me at a cafe on her side of town. Once she got closer, she realized it was not me but everything about that women reminded her of me. She watched as the women coached foreign speakers in English. My friend often works at cafes when she is bored of her home office and was camped at that cafe for hours. My friend estimated the lady saw five clients and all she did was listen and talk in English. Upon reading that text a light bulb went off in my mind but like the snooze button I suppressed the notion and went back to sleep.

So last week I am very frustrated with my finances. Other parts of my life are feeling yucky. I know I am in the right career, teaching in higher education, and one of my businesses has truly become a business and not my other entrepreneurial job. So the multi-passionate career is becoming but… Why am I stuck, why am I making bad money choices and what can I do to get out my rut? Then I remembered, I stopped doing what I know works. It still took me a few more days to sit down and do the work in “The Passion Test.” However, last week Wednesday I update my passions and before I could really finish doing the work, that cafe lady came to mind. A few days later I find a job posting for what my friend described that lady doing. It is a job, get out of town! Today I applied. Today I got the job. It is not a traditional teaching position however, I am working with a adult leaners using ESL techniques to teach English. All that equates to teaching in higher education. My goal, my desire, my intention has been realized. I told you I could not have made up that story if I tried.

Finally It Has Happened To Me

Thriving on the road less traveled is about being clear and allowing what you want to come to you. That does not mean you don’t do any work. On the contrary you will have to take leaps of faith and do things that seem kooky. Yet what is more important worrying about seems crazy or thriving on your path in life? I hope you choose the later. So sings with me, “finally it has happened to me.”

Did this inspire you to do the work and allow your dreams to come to you? If so please share your thoughts and feelings below.

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