Day 31 of 100 Day Challenge: Your It Factor

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Thank-You-word-cloud-1024x791Over the years I hear less and less people saying “thank you” and the other day it took me four stores and 2 hours to find thank you cards. I am big on being gracious. I am a writer of thank you cards. I think pen to paper is an important skill that should not be lost in this digitally obsessed world. That’s my thing…what is yours? What is the thing that you do that separates you from the crowd? What is your signature characteristic of your life style?

Your It Factor

Even if you don’t think you have an “it factor” or a signature style… new flash you do! Most people think a signature style is about fashion and your appearance. Yet, I suggest that your “it factor” does not have to be associated to the outer you, it can be linked to your essence.

Now if you are known for a negative or less desirable “it” like always being late or being snarky, then make a point to counter balance with something amazing. I know amazing is heavy word but you are amazing already, I mean you are on the road less traveled and that aint for wimps. If you don’t think you have one then ask a close friend what they think is your signature thing or make one up (and make it stick).

Lorne Wellington 5.2014As we progress on the uncharted path you can edit, revive, amend, change or add to your signature. The whole point is that whatever it is, it makes you feel great about being you. Besides being a thank you card sender, my other “it” is my hair and accessories. For me when my hair is styled, especially when it is braided, and I am wearing some big and eccentric necklace I feel great about being L-O-R-N-E (see image on the right).

One of the big points of being the person on the road less traveled is you are free to be you fully. So express yourself in the way that only you can. Be and do what is uniquely you. When you do, you will love the person in the mirror staring back at you even more than before.

Now that I have shared with you my “it” please tell me yours, in the comments below.

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