Day 3 of 100 Day Challenge: My Mind Playin’ Tricks On Me

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Sometimes when I dream it is colored with music. I awake to a song’s verse or chorus on an endless loop. When that happens I must look up the lyrics for two reasons. Reason One: A trait that I inherited from my dad is the knack for changing the lyrics of a song. I am good for making stuff up. So if I awake to a song playing in my mind I can’t assume that what I am singing is correct. To be sure I must look up the lyrics. Reason Two: I look up the lyrics to the song to confirm the message intended. Yes, I said it, I believe that if I wake with a song playing in my head then there is a cosmic message from GOD just for me. What you might find “odd” are some of the musical or artist choices for the cosmic messages. GOD has spoken to me in good old fashion hymns, contemporary gospel jams as well as Rick James and Jill Scott. I just find the most poignant messages have bene from artist and verses not expected.

Oh, The Ghetto Boys…

Today’s message was the Ghetto Boys, “My Mind Playin’ Tricks On Me.” All I heard was the chorus of that rap song looping in my mind. And boy is that true statement. I am catching myself doing the future thinking and it is the worse case scenario of future thinking. It is time to get real clear, stop that negative future thinking and put action behind my goals. I encourage you to do the same. Any action BIG or small will be to your benefit.

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