Day 4 of 100 Day Challenge: No Pain No Gain

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There is an expression about exercise I know you are very familiar with and it is “no pain no gain.” That is how I feel about blogging. There is an anticipated pain I am dreading. For some reason, I have allowed my imagination to create horrible scenarios. In order to not experience those dreamed up situations, I have found ways to avoid blogging and the whole online-ness altogether over the years.

I see the potential of being social online but there is resistance. It is not the writing because I enjoy writing. It is not the discipline because I can follow a timeline and get the job done. It is not the sharing because I do that daily in real life. I think one of the biggest reasons I don’t engage online is how one, in the case myself, makes a real connection you, the reader. Online-ness is so different to how I naturally network, connect with and make friends. That difference to my natural behavior is uncomfortable. That discomfort I experience is something that until now, I have not wanted to embrace. I would rather stay in my comfort zone than engage in social media. Which by the way is CRAZY as I am always down to try something new. I mean hello, I lived in two foreign countries so I typically embrace the unknown willingly. I am ready for the gain life has been pulling me towards. The desire to share my thoughts, observations, experiences, tips and etc. has become compulsion so much so that I have been secretly planning another career addition/move. More on that later.

“The journey of a thousand miles begins with one step” Lao Tzu

As much as I want to blog about a specific topic, I must be honest and realistic. If I am going to do this challenge, I have to incorporate more time for writing into my schedule. Since I have some many existing projects that need to be completed by the end of summer I have to make adjustments. Therefore, step one of this journey is becoming ok with temporarily replacing my morning pages’ activity with writing these blog posts. That is the only way I can accomplish the 100 days of blogging and the being online-ness while still having the time to complete the seemingly endless and overdue projects in my life. I hope somewhere in these nest 98 days that I will compress or focus my blog topic. Until then I ask that you bear with me as I write about a little of this and a little of that.

In the meantime tell me in the comments below what have you been avoiding in anticipation of pain or discomfort? Maybe I can help you find a way without the struggle.

Until tomorrow…


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