Day 27 of 100 Day Challenge: Blooms With A View

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View Park Garden Tour 2014Community is important to me. No matter where I have lived I always sought out community. The people and their activities, for me, is what makes being a part of a community feel like home. In my community of South LA, there has been a spring garden tour going on for at least six years that is a must do for me every season. This year’s tour was Sunday May 1, 2016.

Yesterday was a perfect day for a garden tour. The weather was just right and I was in the company of good friends. We strolled through 9 homes. We saw beautiful views of the LA basin, chickens, a hydroponic garden system, a mature California Red Wood Tree and so much more.

The tour allows my community to show off. It displays the pride of ownership and wealth of knowledgeable that is overlook by most when they think of South LA. Also, my hood is becoming more and more diverse and I love it. What I love more than the diversity of residents, is the number of people who come from far and wide to see the gardens on the self guided tour.  There are days when I am ready to leave LA for something better and then there are days, like yesterday, when I plan on staying in my community for years to come.

For more information about the View Park Spring Garden Tour, click the link. I found a video from the 2014 View Park Spring Garden Tour that shows you the beauty of my community. Lastly, I found another write up in the LA Times about the garden tour and it lists other spring garden tours in Southern California. If you are in the LA area go to one of these tours. Get out and get some Vitamin D while enjoying the beauty of nature. You wont be disappointed.

I am curious how you define community. Please share in the comments below.

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