Day 24 of 100 Day Challenge: Thriving On The Road Less Traveled (The Back Story)

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If is not clear by now I want the both of us to thrive living a life of our dreams. That includes how we earn money, the amount of we earn and choosing our lifestyles. We know that we are just a bit different from the mainstream. The popular dogmas just don’t do it for us.

Let me be clear with you, thriving on the uncharted path is not an all or nothing. The uniqueness of each human is equal to uniqueness of your hero’s journey. The main point is that you are thriving in a career and lifestyle that speaks to your uniqueness thus allowing you to be you FULLY!

The Back Story

Two roads , one traveled by many and one not.

Two roads , one traveled by many and one not.

If you have not gathered I have been kinda living off the beaten path. Honestly, I trek over to the paved roads more often than I want to admit. I get feed up and then go back to the spot I left. There has been a lot of parallel movement. I grew up hearing follow your dreams, live your passion and etc. I also heard a college education is required for success, there are rules to follow and success is the middle class life being married with kids with two dogs, a cat and a picket fence. On the surface that both admonishments seem to coalesce but I say they don’t.

I think my generation, Gen X, was the genuine pig for the following your bliss, live you passion or any other encouraged maverick behavior. I would say a lot of us have been bumping our heads more than being successful. It’s the generation behind and ahead of us that are really experiencing the bliss. One big reason my generation has been struggling is the amount of options made available to us. Our parents did such a good job of making changes in America that we could truly be anything we wanted to be. Life was a buffet but we had to chose one item, a traditional item, remember there are rules.

Meanwhile the Baby Boomers and Millennials are allowed to pick from exotic section and could more than one item form the entire buffet. The Baby Boomers can pick more than one item and wherever item they wanted because they earned the right to do so and they have they money. The Millennials could pick more than one item or an item from wherever they wanted because the framework (way of being ) for following your heart’s desire had been tested and was mother approved. Some of us broke free and took two, three or four items from the baked chicken or salad bar section or they hovered over nibbling from the exotic section while the rest of us, in my generation, backed away from the buffet.

Times Have Changed

The assumptions, tactics and tools for life off the paved road is not all figured out but there is enough ground work done that you and I can do and be so much more than ever before. I have shared with you already a few tips for thriving and have profiled a least one person who is being themselves fully. More of that is to come.

In the meantime tell me who do you want to be? What is your heart’s calling? Share with in the comments below. I am looking forward to what you have to say.

Until Tomorrow…

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