Day 20 of 100 Day Challenge: Book Review “Blogging Your Way To The Front Row” by Yuli Ziv

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Becoming a professional blogger is a viable career. Like your journey on the uncharted path, blogging is still new and is evolving but it is established enough for you to earn a great living. There are serval pros to considering a blog as part of your profession and/or your sole career. As you know I have committed to 100 days of blogging and am open to wherever it takes me.

Blogging Your Way To The Front Row

As mentioned previously, I will be shoring up my knowledge base for this challenge. This week’s read is another blogging book by Yuli Ziv. What I found most interesting about “Bogging Your Way To The Front RoFashion 2.0 Blogging Your Way to the Front Row by Yuli Zivw” was her advocating that blogs are published content equal to magazines and newspapers. Her perspective is that Bloggers are “an independent publishers.” This how to book focuses on shaping an existing blog into a credible media outlet worthy of advertisement dollars and endorsements. I can see her point but not for all who call themselves Bloggers. I appreciate her motivating blogging readers to take themselves seriously. Also, I agree with her that those who want to be taken seriously as a Bloggers have to step up their professionalism for themselves and for others in the industry.

She states, “Bloggers are leading the social media revolution and representing the new generation of influencers and content creators.” She did not say the new generation of influencers were of a certain age group, she really focused on the medium and skills required. This is great news for those of us who know their lives and endeavors will not be traditional or even mainstream but have solid skill sets.

Yuli’s Recommendations

A few key take-a-ways for me are her method for creating a business plan for a blog, strategies for connecting with PR Firms representing brands I want to be aligned with and monetizing the blog in ways beyond ads on my website.

This is an easy read however at the end of each chapter were action items for the reader to so that incorporated the content from the chapter. I estimate that doing all of them will take a dedicated persons about 3 months to complete it all. As I continue with this 100 Day Challenge I will be doing those exercises for this and Sculpted Silhouette’s blog, it will take me longer than 3 months to finish it all.

I recommend this read. It highlights how to thrive in a nontraditional career choice which is epicenter for those of us on the road less traveled.

Please share with me your thoughts on the book, I welcome a discussion about blogging as a career/business.

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