Day 19 of 100 Day Challenge: Done Is Better Than Perfect

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“Done is better than perfect” is an expression that has been a life saver. I am not anti perfection, I just know first hand how the idea of perfect can be detrimental to your success. Getting the job done does not mean you don’t do your best nor does it mean not to produce quality. However, it does mean there is a point in time, or in the process, when you should stop.

Drop The Mike You Are Done

Knowing when to stop is important. For me, I tend to operate in a flow. First, I do the task. I just put any effort all in and do what I can. In the process I tend to think of what ifs and things to do/add and for that I write those ideas down on my to-do sheet but I don’t stop what I am doing. Second, once that first pass is completed. I walk away. I get up and do something different. I want to get my mind off of the task/project. Third, now it is time to review. This is where I reference that list and address evey itmen on the list. I also evaluate the big pictie or the tasks/project. Once that second pass has been completed. I walk away. Fourth, if the project requires a professional inspection then I forward it over to the person or company for them to review and make suggestions. This is especaiily true when I am writing. This is the time when I send the conent over to an editor. If is not up for professional consideration I still may allow someone else to check over for the just in case factor. A word of caution make sure the person reviewing knows how to the project/tasks. Don’t ask someone to review our math if they are not mathematically literate. Fifth, once the third party review is over I will incorporate the corrections/suggestions. The sixth and final step, I review my work one last time. I go slow and inspect every aspect. When I get to the end, I am done. I stop.

Becoming The Best

I apply this cycle to writing projects to reconciling my bank statements. There are times when correct is the goal and then there are time when it seems like there is one right way to do things. Like most in life there is ALWAYS another way to do something so who’s standard of right or prefect shall you use?  What is important is having more done on your to-do list so you can build upon your accomplishments and achieved the desired experience. Even those is the sports world were a score a 10 is desired, it is the repetition of doing the skill completely over and over again until muscle memory takes over is what will make allow for a perfect 10. Stopping mid skill to start over again doesn’t help, it is finishing that provides the necessary experience to be No. 1.

On the road less traveled you may be alone what is going to allow you to achieve and give you a feeling accomplishment is finishing. You know yourself so you know if you gave your best effort or not. If you have given your best then that is all that matters. As you progress forward on the uncharted path your skills will improve, you will be better and faster than before. You only get way through experience and experience comes when you finish what you started.

In the comments below, share with me how done is better than perfect has helped you.

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