Day 18 of 100 Day Challenge: The Right Tool For The Right Job (Part 2)

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Yesterday I shared with you in “The Right Tools For The Job (Part1)” a key aspect of thriving on the road less traveled. I discussed that having the right tool for desired experience is more important than how new, snazzy or shinny the tool. Also, I cautioned you on the notion of everything being perfect. Now I want to discuss how do you know you have the right tool for the job? However, before I elaborate on “the how” I have to discuss “the what”.

Applying The Lesson: Assessment (The What)

In business and in life you will have projects, challenges and tasks before you that when done you want them perfect and complete. We want experiences and we want them in a certain way. I get it. Why would redecorate your bedroom if it does not feel just right to you? Why would you create new marketing collateral if it does not fully and thoroughly represent your brand? Keep in mind the lesson, it is all about using the right tool or resource to have the experience. The first step for choosing the correct tool or resource is assessing the need to determine what tool you really need to have the experience. Said differently. you need to know what tool you need to get the job done. Let me illustrate by using the need to for new marketing collateral for your business or nonprofit endeavor, as the example.

Always ask yourself, “what is the project or task and for what purpose/what is the objective?” and in this case,  Sculpted Silhouette needs new business cards, a brochure and bra fitting tip sheet. Ok it is decided I need three new items. What is the purpose for each item? The business card has contact information but I want people to book appointments online instead of calling me. Noted. The bra fitting tip sheet is a reference resource I give to audiences after a presentation. I want it to be small enough to fit purses and be more of an infographic. Noted. The brochure…who is getting the brochure? Audience members. I don’t want my company producing a lot of paper to be thrown away therefore not my audience members. I could hand a brochure out when networking. True but if I am giving them a business card then they will have my contact information on the business card. Also, I could give them the bra fit sheet as that is what most women want to know after they learn of Sculpted Silhouette. Decision made, no brochure, at least not right now. I know the objective of each marketing piece and my brand aesthetic is set. Now I can contact my designer.

By assessing what I wanted from each marketing piece, I eliminated one hence saving me money. Also, I know what the key deliverables are for the designer and myself which will limit the number of great design. I don’t know about you but I am always checking out what others are doing and when I see something creative I want to incorporate that into my business. In this case knowing ahead of time what the purpose and the scope allows me to focus therefore I can be specific on what tool or tools I need to the experience. In this example the tool I need  two marketing collateral pieces.

Applying The Lesson: How Do I Know I Have The Right Tool?

Sticking with the same example, how will I know I have the right marketing collateral for my business? Remember when I was assessing the needs of the marketing pieces I also asked what was the purpose for each collateral piece. For the bra fitting tip sheet I determined that it was a resource tool for women to use after hearing a bra fit presentation and it was implied that it would have my contact information. So it would be a resource and business card. The ultimate desired experiences are I am seeking is to establish Sculpted Silhouette as the authority in bra fitting and future sales.  I know the guide will help me achieve that objective because women need something to assist them when bra shopping. I know if the perception of me and my company as a honest, trustworthy, non-pushy sells lady and as the authority then they will buy from me at some point in their life. Once they buy from Sculpted Silhouette, I have a customer for life.

I will know for sure that the bra fit guide is the right tool for the experience after women provide feedback. In the meantime I know I am on the right track to achieving my desire experience because of the need women shared with me after bra fit presentations in the past. The guide meets all of my criteria and addresses their need directly.

Now some of you would say a bra fit video would achieve the same result and therefore be the right tool at a cheaper cost. Consider this, most women dislike bra shopping and view it as a chore thus the likelihood of women taking any additional steps to get helpful information is low. Have a guide in her wallet or purse makes it that much easier for her to get the informiton she needs when she needs it, it keeps me top of mind and a lady can show those pushy sales rep.s why they bra they are selling isn’t the right fit (it empowers her).

I hope Part 1 and 2 are helpful explanations and makes it easy for you to apply this simple and powerful tool. I want to thrive on the uncharted path. I want your focus to move you through, over or under obstacles, to not get side tracked and to get you closer to your desired experience faster.

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