Day 12 of 100 Day Challenge: Honesty Is The Best Policy

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Being honest is a way of living. You are the first person you have to be honest with all the time. I am not a lair. I have lied and will probably do it again before I die. Yet last week I had to get honest with myself and it felt like I had been lying to myself for years.

Over the past three years I have been setting intention and working my goals. I have an ever faithful accountability partner that I meet with once a quarter. Together we discuss what worked and what did not towards realizing our goals. We have tried various goal setting tools. Right I am using Danielle LePorte’s Planner. Yet for the past three years at our annual reviews I can’t say that I accomplished my intentions and goals. From the outside I look busy and on purpose. I make strides towards realizing my goals but in the end I have not been successful at accomplishing many of them.

So last week there was inclination brewing inside of me. Finally I stopped resisting and allowed myself to change my intentions for 2016. I scratched out several of my goals and replaced them with true desires I held mute for years. During that process I acknowledged that previously I had not been honest about my desires/goals/intentions because I had placed my need for approval from others as superior in my life.

I shared with my accountability partner that I changed my goals for 2016 and NOT what the new goals were. That aint her business. She was encouraging. I felt honest.  The new intentions reflected my true desires. Recognizing that I need approval and how it had influenced me to not be honest with myself I chose not to share my new goals with anyone. I want my opinion and my voice to matter more in my life than anyone else’s opinion or voice therefore I decided that I didn’t need to share my goals or my plans to achieve those goals with them. I just need to do. Being honest that day allowed me to see my growth. I was able to affirm myself and allow myself to express deeply.

Consider where you are and are not honest in your life. Ask yourself why are you hiding yourself from yourself. Whatever the answer is, love on it and be honest.

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