Day 11 of 100 Day Challenge: How To Follow Your Heart

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I am now at the point in life where I have to fully follow my heart. I have to be all in and go for whatever I think I want. If you are anything like me you may think that following your heart is risky. However, not following your heart is the risky business. Or you could have convinced yourself that following my heart would be hard. I could go on and on about the negative perception of following your heart but in the end it is all imagination. Below are three tips for following your heart.

1. Stop Future Thinking

A part of following your heart is focusing on the right now and stop the future thinking. For me, future thinking is a form of resistance. Rosetta Thurman of Happy Black Woman says if you are experiencing any kind of resistance then it is your lizard brain and you can ignore your lizard brain. Future thinking can be disguised as being devil’s advocate or a way to plan by thinking of worse case scenarios. If you lose time mulling things over or spend more time worrying about tomorrow then dealing with today then you are future thinking. When I find myself future thinking I stop what I am doing and talk myself back to the present moment. I ask myself questions like, what can I do right now as a step towards my goal. Also, I remind myself through affirmations that all will work out for highest good for all involved.

2. Nothing Is Certain

Another part of following your heart is becoming comfortable with the unknown. This is challenging yet necessary. I am not GOD and neither are you. Guess what that job is taken. I had to stop trying to promote myself to Manager of The Universe by trying to control situations and guarantee outcomes. I suggest you do the same because if you were meant to the Manager of The Universe then you would be and not a human being. In all honesty, I am barely doing the job of Lorne well. I have so many tasks and projects lingering in my life that if I shifted my energy to finishing a task I would not have any time to feel uncomfortable about the uncertainty or unknown. I suggest when you feel uncomfortable with the unknown or uncertainty look around in your life and work on finishing a project you have been procrastinating on. Or ask GOD what you could be doing. In this case doing is better than thinking. so get busy.

3. Be Still And Know That I Am GOD

Another part of following your heart is listening to the still small voice and doing what it says. I believe that still small voice is GOD. I believe that intuition is a divine communication. I believe GOD loves me and wants only the best for me, therefore, there is no risk, there is no downside to listening to that small voice and acting on intuition. When I listen to the still small voice and I comprehend what it is saying I noticed that it was always centered in love therefore I had no reason to fear. I am not trying to force doctrine upon you so fell free the change the name from GOD to whatever suits you best. The point is allow yourself to hear that still small voice, hear what is saying to you and if it is centered in love and goodness act upon the intuition.

Like most things in life, following your heart is a behavior that needs to become a habit in your life. Once you do it enough times and when you see the positive results stacking up it will be easier to follow your heart. Finally, when I follow my heart the result are amazing. Being fully transparent, I can’s say that following my heart does not always result in achieving my goals, sometimes the results were more than what I could have imagined.

If is makes sense or not OR you can’t see a way for you to earn a living from it, what is your heart calling you to do or to become? Share with us in the comments below.

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