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Become Debt Free The Blog Series

I am Lorne S. Wellington and this is a new blog series about my journey of becoming debt free. I decided to post this experience online as a way to show people how they can become debt free, share tips and resources for eliminating debt and managing money and to keep me accountable.

The Debt Free Journey Begins

By July 2011 I was in deep in debt and was most upset.  You see I had been debt free before and to be repeating this life class again, left me feeling disappointed, stupid and angry. I knew how I accumulated so much debt. It seemed that every business and life decision I made resulted in the exact opposite outcome I was expecting.

Yet I was hopeful that with my few small business clients and other entrepreneurial endeavors things would pick up. Money would be flowing again. How wrong was I again. By October things were pretty bad and major changes were necessary.

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