Accountability Partners And Affirmations

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Accountability Partners & Affirmations Are Necessary In Becoming Debt Free

I have three Accountability Partners, I have one affirmation I speak out loud daily and I am reading a lot these days. As for my Accountability Partners, I text them often with random updates on my day and my goals. They do the same.  My Accountability Partners are not each others of the three, they are all mine. So each of the relationships are personal to me and me them. I share this because I want you to know that you don’t need three Accountability Partners, you just need one. If you chose to have more than one they don’t have to be a group, the individual relationship can be separate and the relationship still be effective.

Benefits of Accountability

Having them on the other side of my texts helps me stay focused and transparent.

Accountability In Action…An Example

Sun Feb. 26th I sent, “I am reviewing my big goals for Feb. and my random to do list. I have been tackling stuff. I am so proud of me and you too. Lets end Feb. on a high note.”


From “Think & Grow Rich” by Napoleon Hill  to the Bible, it is clear speaking what you want helps the process of becoming what you want, both in the negative and the positive. Today my faith has increased that I will be able to pay off my debt by December 2012. Even though to date I have only paid off 2 bills. I am still hopeful.

In my next post in Becoming Debt Free Series, there is good news and not so good news, click here to read.


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