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It has been 10 days since I created the website and no online sales. Clearly more learning is required and today I got a piece of advice that will help my business from a funny place.

Females In Comedy

Today for the 2nd year I was a guest speaker at the Females In Comedy Convention. This year Sculpted Silhouette presented on “The Bras Every Woman Needs”. As usual I had a great time with the ladies. As compared to last year the attendance has double, congratulation!

When I arrived Hope, the founder of the convention, was presenting to the crowd. Her topic was “The Five Things You Need To Be Doing”. As I listened I kept saying to myself girl you need to take notes. I can’t remember all the pointers, she shared more than 5, but a few I can recall.

Females In Comedy Convention 2014

The first great piece of advice is, Get Up Everyday. Don’t stay in bed and don’t hide away. If you had a bad set the night before get up the next day. Although I wont be having any sets anytime soon that piece of advice still applies.

The second pearl of wisdom is, You Need To Be Working 3 to 5 Days A Week. Again I am not going to be on a night club stage but the point resonates. For example, that day I presented to the audience and from that appointments were made. I could and should be presenting to more groups. I could easily do that 3 to 5 times a week and that was a goal in 2010. See the blog post Stay In Front of Potential Customers With Interviews. That’s a new goal. In order to present that often I need to ask people and organizations if they need or want a speaker on my topic. The first place I will ask are Meet Up Groups. I will complete that entire database before going on to another.

Finding New Customers

The BIG GOAL is sales. It is clear I need more customers and I need a way to always get new customers. How? As you know SS is being “social” but I can’t put all my eggs in that basket. What else can be done? Answer: Consistently communicate with a database. I am meeting people all the time so I should be talking to them.

I have a Customer Relationship Management System (CRM) that is supposed to make talking to potential customers to actual customers easy. Yet I am not using it to the fullest because people’s contact information is not stored there. So if I am going build relationships with people that I met then I need to use the tools and resources that have been purchased, like my CRM. With said my next goal is to get database all current in my CRM. After a bit of research I downloaded a trial of a software that I can use to scan business cards into my CRM. I like the software. So Monday I plan on taking the day off from work, purchasing the software and spending the entire day scanning every last business card into my database (see images below). I have to make the most of the what I have which are warmish customer leads and tools to talk and track the activities, my CRM. I will check in after Monday and let you know how that project got completed.

I This bag is slightly larger than my computer bag.

As you see at one point I was a bit organized.

Just to recap the goals. 1. Add everyone to CRM. 2. Start emailing Meet Up Group Leaders asking if I could come and present.


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