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You are retired, or approaching retirement, and don’t want to waste your time nor savings. You want to contribute AND enjoy retirement. Save yourself from frustration 😤, disappointment 😩, and burnout 🤬. Now is the time to do things on your terms. Taking the time to answer “Essential Questions to Answer Before Starting a Business” saves you time, effort, and money.

Every day you see ads for coaches, online courses, and services promising that if you give them some cash, they will show you how to create a six-figure business. Most of the coaches, courses, services, and apps for sale are good stuff. They can help you succeed at being a certain kind of entrepreneur. What you need to know is what is right for you.

So how do you know which to choose? The answer is … you don’t. Not until you are clear about what type of business you need for your life right now! Read “Essential Questions to Answer Before Starting a Business”. It will help you choose the right business while saving you time ⏰, effort, and money💰.

For the price of a cup of coffee☕, you can:

✅ Figure out what it means to you to be Seniorpreneur (senior + entrepreneur).

✅ Take what is in your head, see it objectively, and confidently do what you want.

✅ Weigh your options and choose what will help you be a successful business owner.

✅ Make informed decisions that are best for your circumstances.

✅ Or declare boldly, “I don’t want a business” (if that is your truth).

Get Your Copy TODAY For $5.

You are either retired or approaching retirement and don’t want to waste your time nor your savings. Read “Essential Questions” and figure out what is the right small business for YOU.

Like you, I want to be an entrepreneur. Like you, I have a lot of experience that is valuable. Like you, I have few passion projects. How do I make the best of everything and have a profitable business? To answer those questions, I had to be honest with myself about the:

🤔 Money I wanted from a business,

🤔 Amount of time I could give to a business,

🤔 What I wanted to do in a business, and

🤔 My business idea.

As far as I know, we only get one life to live. I want to save you time, money, and future frustration. Before you invest into anything become crystal clear about what you want in a business. For the price of a latte☕ buy, “Essential Questions to Answer Before Starting a Business” TODAY for $5.