Small Business Help When You Need It

Have you ever had a business question and when you asked it you were sold a product or service that in the end did not meet your need? Are you tired of “experts” rehashing what others have said and not getting the help you need? Have you left a consultation feeling more confused and unsure as to what you should do next for your business? Do you feel like there are more magic bean information sellers out there than real honest to goodness informed and experience business consultants?

Small Business Advice On Demand

Simply Ask Lorne is a simple and easy business consultation service for small business owners. Think of it as having a business expert on demand or a “mini” small business consultation. Now you can ask a specific question and get an answer that can assist you with your small business.

I am Lorne and one thing I know how to do is manage a business. From Solopreneur in the start-up phase to small business with a staff to a brick-n-mortar with 80+ employees, I know how to make a business work.

Like you I sought out business advice from consultants and coaches. Most of time I felt cheated and short changed.  I wished I could get a clear and no jargon answer to my business question. Truthfully, I knew more than the expert in front of me.

It wasn’t until other solopreneurs, side hustlers, small business owners and owner operated businesses started asking me questions that I realized that my ability to demystify trends and buzz words combined with my proven business management experience and my MBA education was not common place. Let me say that differently, after giving free advice for years to other small business owners and seeing them succeed from my advice and strategies, did I realized that I am the expert that you and I need!

Small Business Advice On Demand

Ask Lorne is a simple and easy business consultation service. Think of it as having a business expert on demand or a “mini” small business consultation. Now you can ask a specific question and get an answer that can assist you with your small business.

No Question Is Too Small or Dumb

I know you heard that sentiment and it is true. This is your business, your livelihood, your bread and butter and you need answers to questions. I get it, I really do. I will answer your question no matter how silly, small or dumb you think it is, I PROMISE.

What is Ask Lorne?

· You ask one specific question about your business and I will reply with an answer.

· Your answer will be advice to your specific business’s needs.

What Will You Get From Lorne?

Commitment To Your Business Success – If I don’t have an answer I will find one.

Confidentiality – No question is a dumb question and all questions are held in the strictest confidence. I will not post your question on my website without your permission.

Advice From Experience – Not only will I use my MBA education, I will make use of my small business experience.

How Does It Work?

It is easy as 1,2,3

Simply submit your question below and an invoice will be sent to your email address. Once payment has been received your answer will be emailed to you within 24 hours.

Why $9.99?

I want to give you a simple and straight forward answer to your business question so you can get back to your business ASAP. If I charge $100 or $250 then you will start to think about if you should ask the question and still end up needing the answer. For $9.99 you can get the small business help you need, quickly and with no fuss. Plus you wont lose anything by spending $9.99, you will only gain with the value I provide.

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