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It’s Monday, the website it up Sculpted Silhouette and the four products are up. I kept my promise to myself. Now what, you ask? Great question. Sculpted Silhouette needs new customers. I think in order to attract them SS needs to build up its online profile and social media and to get in front as many women as possible. Ideally SS needs to be doing both broad categories of activities daily. How?

Social Media

I need someone who can champion that while I do all the other stuff. I have an idea of someone. I will reach out to her and inquire if she would be interested. SS has all the necessary social media but other than Face Book I really don’t use those tools nor do I connect with others on those mediums. Who said I had to? That is why I am going to reach out and see if the person I am thinking of will take the job.

Getting In Front Of Women

I need to present to women. I have been stalling on doing that because I don’t have any marketing materials. Truthfully, I want me shopping guide ready for sale then present to groups however my bank account says get busy now. When I speak ladies, they get it and they want to book an appointment.

Regardless of shopping guide, if I have it printed or not, I need some kind of promotional material. So that is the next step order marketing materials. I will do that by month end or when I see the next big promotion for printing online.


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