Learn How to Stop Struggling with Your Marketing and Sales by Focusing on Your Target Market and Watch Your Sales Increase

In a perfect world, everyone is a potential customer. In that same world, all potential customers become buying customers. You know that is not the case. Not everyone you encounter will become a customer.

When you launched your business, you had an ideal customer in mind. Maybe your customers purchase sporadically and you need consistently. Maybe you jotted down some “ideas” about your anticipated customer yet they have not walked in through your doors. Maybe you assumed that if you built it they would come…but have they? Maybe you are using social media and getting nowhere.  Maybe your marketing has been a lot of tactics and gimmicks thrown up against the wall and you are waiting to see which one sticks. So far you have been in business for a few months (or years) and your dream is fading. PLEASE don’t quit, I can help you!

But What About FaceBook, Guerrilla Marketing, PR, Podcasts, Branding, Email Marketing and so on…

Let us step back for a second. It is important that I clarify a few things. Allow me to set the stage. Marketing activities, tactics, and gimmicks can be broken up into two groups, branding and promotion. Branding activities keep your business in customers’ minds, so when they think about their need or want your business pops up as the solution. An example of branding is Kleenex. When you need a facial tissue to blow your nose, don’t you ask for ‘Kleenex’? Whereas, promotional activities encourage people to buy within a certain time period. A promotion example is an infomercial on TV. They are always exclaiming, ‘for a limited time only, buy now’. With that understanding know that social media, guerrilla marketing, PR, direct mail, podcasts, and etc. can be used for branding and or promotion. However, in order to profit from those activities, you first and foremost, need to know who you are targeting with your branding and promotion.

Let me be very clear. Tactics, gimmicks, and activities have a place in marketing. It is just not the first place when you are marketing. The first thing you need when marketing your product or service is to know your customer so well that you can visualize them as a real person.

Focus on Your Target Market

To get consistent customers you must market to a specific group of people, who need or want what you are selling, on a regular basis. That group is called your target market and your customer is within that group. The Target Market Demographic, Psychographic and Lifestyle Profile (Target Market D.P.L. Profile) helps you identify potential customers that you can market to, convert them into paying customers and create raving fans.


Stop spinning your wheels, feeling overwhelmed, wasting your time and money, and chasing new shiny tactics that promise you more followers, likes, and shares. Your business needs more customers, more sales, more revenue, and more money NOT followers.

Benefits of Knowing Your Customers’ Demographics, Psychographics and Lifestyle

Of course everyone is my target market!Choosing which marketing, branding, or promotional tool to use is profitable when the decision is based upon knowing and understanding your customer. Describing your customer requires more information than ‘all men between the ages of 20 and 40’ or ‘women with kids’. You should be able to see your customer as a person. Knowing your customer includes identifying their demographics, psychographics, and lifestyle. Guess what? That is your target market or in some circles, your niche market or target audience. Understanding those characteristics of your perfect customer focuses your marketing and increases your sales because:
1. You directly connect to your ideal customers and members of your tribe.
2. You can offer additional products and services that your customers’ needs, wants and are willing to buy because you spoke to them directly and got their feedback.

Target marketing is the best for your marketing because it allows you to:
1. Save Money…You will spend your marketing budget (both time and money) in the right places, on the right things, getting better results, and a higher return on investment (ROI).
2. Save Time…You will choose the best platforms, including social media, to engage your target audience.
3. Be The Boss…You will have more time to work on your business.

Figuring out the demographics, psychographics, and lifestyle of your target market does not require an in-house marketing department nor does it require spying on people. Don’t let the big corporations have the competitive advantage of knowing your target market and getting the sale. You can use it too. Know and understand your customer and offer them products and services to meet their needs and wants. Buy the Target Market D.P.L. Profile and give people what they are looking for, YOUR BUSINESS.

This is what Wenda of Always Perpekto said about the Target Market D.P.L. Profile, “everyone tells me I need to become more active on social media. I’ve tried posting on a regular basis which is a chore and it takes me away from actually working on my business. The extra posts did not help to increase my finances or bring in my ideal client. It’s frustrating trying to figure out how to reach my target audience. When I came across the Target Market D.P.L. Profile, it was everything I was looking for to help me market my services to a specific group.

Why Focusing on Your Target Market Makes You More Money

I am just like you. At one point in time, you could have called me a side-hustler, solopreneur or creative entrepreneur. I am a small business owner, who struggled with sales. All the business advice I received centered on my target market. I knew in my head who was my ideal customer but when pressed I could not tell you where to find them. The business consultants and marketing gurus I sought out, could not help me find my ideal customer either. Most suggested that I ‘get on social media’ as if that was the solution to all of my problems. Reluctantly, I followed their advice and got on social media but customers were few and far in between.

It wasn’t until I researched my target market. Through my research, I could describe them in detail. That detail stopped me from following social media fads and wasting my time and money on marketing gurus and business consultants. That detail allowed me to see my target market as a person which allowed me to specifically direct all of my marketing. Once I branded and promoted to my target market my sales went up and my side hustle became my full-time business.

Target Market Research Made Easy

I know you don’t have the time to go the library and research. You might not know where to start if you did have the time. Or you could be like most people and just don’t want to spend your time researching at the library. I understand it took me a few weeks to compile all that information and data into one target market profile. I want to help you because I know being your boss can be challenging. I want to help you because I know YOU CAN BE SUCCESFUL, if only you had the right information at the right time. I want to help you because I wished someone would have provided me with this information when I needed it. I want to help you because I understand marketing principles and how it fits into your business strategy. Let me be clear, I am not a marketing guru, I am a small business owner just like you.

The Target Market D.P.L. Profile will not tell you what marketing strategy to use. However, it will make it clear where your efforts will be best spent. I can help you by producing one report compiling information and data about your target market so you can:
1. Focus your marketing in the right places, doing the right things resulting in more sales. Ka-Ching!
2. Save time and money on your marketing while increasing your profitability.
3. Choose the best social media platforms where your ideal customers (yes, your tribe) hangs out and is best for your business.
4. Stop investing in gimmicks that promise you more followers, likes, and shares. Remember ‘likes’ don’t pay the bills.

Buy the Target Market D.P.L. Profile and get in one report demographic, psychographic and lifestyle information about your target market.




The Target Market D.P.L. Profile Includes

The Target Market D.P.L. Profile includes:
• demographics characteristics,
• psychographics characteristics and
• lifestyle information, including social media platforms used by your target market.
This report is comprehensive without the fluff. You will be able to visualize your customer as a real person. For $127 you will receive a customized target market profile of your ideal customer for your business. If you have more than one ideal customer, you can get an additional profile for $30.

What Makes the Target Market D.P.L. Profile Different

Or why should I buy this from you? Great question. You created your business with an ideal customer in mind. You launched your endeavor expecting them to come and shop. Now that you are in business, the realization has set in. Getting the perfect customer in through your doors, or clicking online, is not as easy most experts make it out to be. You built it but why have they not come? The Target Market D.P.L. Profile gives you the necessary information to make actionable marketing decisions that will get your ideal customers buying from you.

“The ‘Target Market D.P.L Profile’ is fantastic and very helpful. Since getting the report, I am confident that my marketing, branding and social media are connecting to my dream customers. What Lorne gave me put my marketing on the right track!” Ayanna of ListenBee


I’m so confident that this product will assist you with getting more customers that I’m offering a 30-DAY, 100% Money-Back Guarantee. Order your Target Market D.P.L. Profile and once you receive your customized target market report, use it to enhance and direct your marketing for 30 DAYS. That means you can test the information I have provided and THEN decide if it’s right for you. If you don’t love it, just show me that you did the work and used the report for your business. I’ll return your money. No hassles and no questions asked. Deal?