Are Outliving



Your golden years not going as planned?

How long can your retirement last?

Do you need more money?


Become a Savvy Seniorpreneur

(Senior + Entrepreneur)


I met Lorne at a small business class at my local library. She gave me ideas of what I could do based on my interests. I would have never thought I could make extra money or business that way. She made it all make sense.

- Gwen of Los Angeles

There are five proven ways you can earn additional income, make more $$, WITHOUT having to:


Spend a lot of upfront cash

Go back to work

Do something you hate


After you read "Savvy Seniorpreneur: Five Small Businesses You Can Start in Retirement" you will learn to: 


Use your hobbies & passion projects to start a business

Start a business with no or very low start-up costs

Earn extra cash quickly

Be the boss on your terms as a Seniorpreneur

Enjoy your golden years


Learn TODAY what type of small business is perfect for you in retirement. 


Become a Savvy Seniorpreneur

(Senior + Entrepreneur)



Maybe...You are retired, and it is not going as expected. You are bored and don't want to go back to work. You want to do something but not sure what it could be.


Maybe...These are your golden years, and it doesn't feel too golden. 


Maybe...You need additional money at the end of the month because your retirement income is not meeting all of your needs nor your wants. You prepared for retirement but it seems your money is a little funny. 


Become a Seniorpreneur so YOU CAN...


* Stay independent.

* Enjoy retirement.

* Contribute on your terms. 

* Finally, enjoy the fruits of all your hard work.


Become a Savvy Seniorpreneur

(Senior + Entrepreneur)


Lorne helped me launch my Air BnB business.  It was scary, but she was there every step of the way. Once I got it going, I was able to make enough money to redo my kitchen. I can't thank her enough for her savvy advice.

Now I am Seniropreneur!

- Bertha, Owner of Get Away in LA (Air BnB)



Hi! I am Lorne Wellington. I am a small business owner and I assist my parents and grandparents with managing their small businesses. I know from experience what it takes to manage a business. 


Most importantly, I help seniors start and run successful small businesses that provide additional income as well as a sense of fulfillment.


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Lorne S. Wellington, www.lorneSwellington.com, Los Angeles, CA 90043