Learn How Seniors Are Using Their Work And Life Experiences To Build Businesses And Lifestyles Of Their Dreams In Retirement

Can I be honest? I know you have dreamed of starting a business, but for some reason just have not gotten started. For some of you, someone told you are too old, and you believed what they said. That is FALSE. I know you have an idea that is the perfect business and don’t know where to start.

Hello, I am Lorne S. Wellington, MBA. I have been a successful entrepreneur for more than 20 years. I have taken an idea, developed it into a product, and then successfully launched the business. I have been there, done that, and have the branded coffee mug to prove it.

Like you, I have attended countless small business workshops, courses, and seminars. Most of the time, I left feeling frustrated because the content was focused on selling to me and not teaching to me. What was more irritating was watching others in the audience sit in confusion, or their questions not being answered.

About three years ago, I created “Small Business Fundamentals.” Why? As an educator, it bothers me when the learning experience is misused. After years of attending workshops promising to teach but instead were selling, I designed the course that missing. “Small Business Fundamentals” is for the person who has an idea but does not know where to start. 

“Being a first-time business owner there are always questions one may have pertaining to their business. Lorne has always been my go to person whenever I needed guidance or feedback pertaining to my event planning company. She has always offered suggestions and solutions to situations where I did not see an obvious clear answer.”

Wenda of Always Perpekto

For over three years, I have been teaching the 7 weeks course, live and in person, in Los Angeles, California. Since I can’t be everywhere at all times, I am moving my small business course online. I tailored it for mature adults, those 50 years young or older. Why? For two reasons. One, seniorpreneurs are the fastest group starting small businesses worldwide. Your generation is still making waves and charting into new territory. Two, seniorpreneurs have the experience and resources to be most successful as compared to Gen X or Millennials.

Savvy Seniorpreneur is an online course that is $97. It has seven module course to help turn your idea into a business. The course includes seven modules of video lessons covering:

Week 1 Business Types: Side Hustle, Entrepreneur or Small Business.

Week 2 How to Start a Small Business: Test Before Your Launch.

Week 3 What Is Your Business Idea: Methods to Generate Unique and Marketable Ideas.

Week 4 Target Market Research: Who Is Your Ideal Customer.

Week 5 Marketing and Social Media.

Week 6 The Business Plan: One Page Is All You Need.

Week 7 Profit or Loss: Does Your Idea Make Money?

Course Additions: Private Master Mind Group, Live Business Coaching from me and Life-Time access to course modules and materials.

“Lorne is great. She took the scary part out of starting my business and gave me the confidence that I COULD do this and be successful. Thanks again for your help.”

Karina, Owner of Adorn Luxe

You can do the same for your idea, hobby, or passion project. I know you have dreamed of starting a business. You have the right amount of experience and stick-to-it-ness necessary to be a successful business owner. I know you have a perfect idea. You just don’t know where to start. Start by taking my course. It will help you get focused. It will help you structure your endeavor to create profits and a lifestyle. Most importantly, it will help you start.

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