Reality Check ~ I’m Not Going To Make It Under These Circumstances!

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Lesson #1 Extra Income Required Not A Career Move

One day in October 2011it became very clear that I had to make some changes, especially in my financial life. After assessing my life and income, it was obvious, I had to get a job. I prayed and it became clear the kind of job I wanted and needed. Then I swallowed my humble pill and applied for entry level sales jobs for the holiday season. For me any extra income was needed not a career move. Accepting that was critical or I was going to fail this life class AGAIN.

Lesson #2 Keep You Head Down and Your Mouth Shut

Later that week confirmation came that my decision, to get a job and not try to make a career move, was right and the best for me.  It came while chatting with a friend. She told me a story about a guy who got ahead in life by just keeping his head down and staying focused.  We both laughed as we both have the tendency to try and fix things and give our opinions, mostly unsolicited, as to how things could be improved. So with the resolve to get a job that I was grossly over qualified for and to keep my mouth shut, I applied for a few entry level sales positions on line and followed up on a job referral.

Blessing #1 A Job

So off I go to an open call interview and got an Assistant Manager position by the end of he week. That day was all about listening to the still small voice within, intuition, and being open to anything that may happen.  I didn’t go on the interview thinking I can get another position within that company. I just went thinking I can get something for the holiday season. The money, well it is the bare minimum I need for my budget. With the other side gigs I have it should all work out.

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