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One way to illustrate the process of becoming debt free it to discuss it in terms of building a house from the ground up. This is the context by which I will write this online journal, so to speak, about becoming debt free.

What is it I really want? That question came to me through several mediums. The fact that it kept coming told me that my answer wasn’t true. What I really wanted is to be financial free and independent. I said it out loud (deep breath). That means to me that I make financial decisions based upon their merit, my needs and my wants. That I am not emotionally guilty about enjoying my life nor am I held hostage by some assistance over the years. Using the analogy of building my dream house, my dream home is financial freedom and independence. That is my goal for 2012 and that is my resolution for 2012. I am committed to realizing that dream.

How about you, what do you really want? I suggest writing in a journal, praying and meditating to get the deep down answer. You are worth getting what you really want. Be honest and go for it with your entire being (mind, body and soul).

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