Day 98 of 100 Day Challenge: Count Your Blessings

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Danielle LaPorte Desire Map Daily PlannerWhen I feel anxiety and life’s pressure I notice that I don’t use the tools that I know work in life. For example, I have a planner and I have not used it consistently since April. Along with that is my gratitude journal, when was the last time I thanked GOD for anything? In my 2016 Desire Map Planner by Danielle LaPorte there is a section for daily gratitude and well, I have not been counting my blessings. I feel the dread and my energy being sucked right out of me.

Well today no more! Today I am counting all my blessings and updating my planner. I cant move forward if I don’t plan for it. Goodness comes faster when goodness is seen in the little and big things of life. If it takes me all night I will get this done. I know I will feel better for it and will rest well.

No matter how things may seems and how dark your road less count your blessingstraveled appears there is light. There is love. There are at least five things you and I can be happy for right now. I know that is true for everyone.  Here is my list… 1. I have friends and family that I love and they love me. 2. A good friend is taking me out tomorrow for a food tasting. I am excited to be a foodie! 3. My strategy for a project was confirmed. That makes me feel smart and confident. 4. I binged on junk food for more than two weeks and did not gain a pound! Yes, body I love you. 5. My car of 24 years is still hanging in. She may be slow but she is still reliable.

Share with me five things you are grateful for in the comments below.

Until Tomorrow…


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