Day 46 of 100 Day Challenge: Competition

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Sculpted SilhouetteToday I spent the afternoon watching a business very similar to mine officially launch. My emotions and mind have been all over the place regarding this new business. After the launch event I decompressed with a friend. What came out of our discussion was Lorne take the leap of faith and grow your business with your vision. I know the direction I want my business to go. I can name my business challenges therefore I can find solutions. Step out and grow that business.

Fear and uncertainty have been reigning. Past mistakes and challenges have been lopping in my mind for years. All of that has seeded the need for things to be “just so” before…before I can make a decision, act or execute. Well things will never be “just so”, it will never be the perfect time or ideal set of circumstances. Are you listening to me? Take all that you know and apply it. I am talking to you and to me.

The thing about uncharted paths is that we willingly underestimate ourselves, skills and knowledge. I say I have faith but I act as though GOD and the universe don’t have my back. Some how the mistakes and challenges experienced convinced me sure that I will fail. Instead of learning from the mistakes I allowed them to become the standard. Mistakes are a part of the process and more will come. It is how you and I respond to them, what we do with the experience that matters most.

Even with my doomsday perspective, I still have hope and dreams. Life/GOD/the universe affirm/nudge/encourage by bestowing me with GREAT ideas to achieve my desires and dreams. There is no proprietary license on ideas, every one gets them. It is all about those who ACT on the ideas. Umm hello a lady launched her business today and it has similar aspects to yours…validation and confirmation you are on the right track. Now hear me and before you start thinking I am hating on any level, I wish her all the best and want her to succeed. The more of us out there helping women with their breasts, the better it is for all of us in the intimate apparel sector.

Since you and I know we are not meant to be on the paved road with the masses then acknowledge that we do know what we need to get started on the road less traveled. I would even go further and say we know what we need in order to thrive on the uncharted path. We can deny this fact all day long but you and I both know this is true. We know what tools, skills, resources and people we need. Moreover, we have creativity at our disposal to overcome obstacles. Whereas others on the crowed highways would not be able to do what we can do with ingenuity. I implore you and myself stop the nonsense and ACT on your dreams today. Decide to stay on the journey and thrive!

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