Day 36 of 100 Day Challenge: Confirmation

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Nothing Is Impossible

Today I went to my neighborhood walk park to get some sun and do the work in The Passion Test. Two men approached me about the book, as the cover and title caught their eye as they were passing by. I explained the concept of the book and we began a discussion. The men were a little older and I assumed they would have some wisdom to share. Before I could ask my questions Cecil, one of the men, asked a few additional questions about the book and my life. I answered him by sharing that I was in a place in life where it seemed like a cross roads. I discussed some of my ideas and current aspirations. He listened and then shared with me his experience from taking a Life Class, 20 years ago. Through that course he made major life changes. He said, “it was the best thing that he had ever done.” From that class he did the impossible and knew without a doubt that nothing was too insurmountable for him to achieve.

 The Clichés Are True

After talking with the gentlemen, it was clear that Cecil had more to share and share he did (wink wink). I asked him how he was able to balance life with two careers at one time. He said both were passions. One was his bread and butter and the other added more fulfillment. He started with one and later added the other. He mentioned that he used to teach at a college but the money was not enough so he transitioned to another career.

YES! His words were speaking to me and my current situation RIGHT NOW. He tried different professions and found two that gave him the income and the fulfillment he needed. Cecil’s words were the guidance and confirmation I needed. The clichés are true, everything happens for a reason. Intuition said go outside and do the work. I did and look what happened. I got confirmation that one, I can have more than one career at the same time and two, nothing is impossible.

I hope this story speaks to your soul, especially those who are deciding to take the road less traveled.

Please share with me how moments like the one I describe above have helped you in your life.

Until Tomorrow…


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