Day 29 of 100 Day Challenge: Doing Homework

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Now that I am clear about the main topic for this 100 Day Blogging and Online-ness Challenge, I am shifting gears and addressing my online-ness. Don’t fret, I plan on blogging daily till day 100. I just need to get the ball rolling for the online-ness aspect of this challenge. The main benefactor of my online-ness effort is my business, Sculpted Silhouette.


To wrap my mind around what are the key elements of a proper online presence I am self educating. As you know I have read two blogging books, Blogging Your Way To The Front Row and Born To Blog, and I have another on my desk to read. However and right now,

I am in the process of completing Lynda.com’s “Becoming a Content Marketer” Certification. 10 courses make up the learning path. What I learn from this series combined with the books I hope will allow me to make big strides in a short amount of time.

There are a few ways to access Lynda.com. One way is through the Los Angeles Public Library. You can use your library card to create an account and watch the videos. The second way you can access it is to buy the membership. The final option is to inquire about it at your place of work. Some companies offer it as a part of continuing education. Also, a cool aspect of Lynda.com, is the ability to post completion certificates on your LinkedIn profile. Check out my LinkedIn.com profile.


Beside YouTube this is my favorite resource for learning. I suggest you try Lynda.com out. There are so many videos to explore.

Have you used Lynda.com, share with me in the comments below what you love about the site.

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