Day 26 of 100 Day Challenge: Love Is In The Air

Published by Lorne S. Wellington on

The Compton's Wedding 2016

Yesterday I saw love manifested. I witnessed two people becoming one at an intimate beach wedding. The bride and groom met in the 1st grade! It was a privilege to be a part of the ceremony and to enjoy the reception celebrating their love!

How does this relate to the road less traveled, you ask? I know that these two people set an intentLorne at Wenda's Weddingion for love to be in their lives. When intuition spoke, they acted. What resulted was a reconnection that transformed into love. Thriving on the road less traveled means living with hunches. Your hero’s’ journey will take you here and there but rest assure if you listen intuition/hunches/that still small voice and then act amazing stuff happens. Traveling on the uncharted path means you will be doing things that others don’t or won’t do. Their love story embodies all of that and more.

I am so grateful to see their love blossom from following through on a hunch. I am looking forward to the goodness that is in store for me when I listen to intuition next. CONGRATULATIONS Brian and Wenda!

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