Day 23 of 100 Day Challenge: Happy Birthday Grandma

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2010: My grandmother and me at a wedding.

My grandmother’s birthday was yesterday. She turned 89 years young. She is very active and in an great heath. I am very lucky to have a grandmother, who is 89, and a grandfather, who is 94, in my life. If I can live as long as them, or longer, in sound mind and good health then I say yes to that experience.

I asked her what was her secret. She shared a few tips…

  1. I did not smoke and I did not drink heavily. I was surrounded by it but was independent enough to not fall into that trap.
  2. Forgive.
  3. Always live beneath your means so you can have a life.
  4. Being industrious is necessary if you are going to make it in this world.

Over the years I have seen my grandparents do and be a certain kind of people. I think those behaviors are their secrets to a good life. And they are…

  1. My grandmother reads scripture every morning and they both read the morning paper over breakfast.
  2. They tithe.
  3. They have maintained and ate from their vegetable and fruit garden longer than I have been alive.
  4. Basketball is a serious sport in their house.
  5. They travel.
  6. They ate on the good china more often than not.
  7. My grandmother will make something before she buys it. When she does shop she is seeking quality and a fair price.

If you still have a grandparent in your life, I encourage you to go and spend some time with them. That is your pot of gold at the end of the rainbow.

Let me know what you think about my grandmother’s rules to live by in the comments below.

Until Tomorrow…


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