Day 22 of 100 Day Challenge: Comedy and Bras

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Today I am off to do one of my favorite thins things, I am going to speak about bras and breasts from a place of empowerment. Yep you read right. I do my best work when I am sharing with an audience the power of a bra. I educate women on how accentuate their figures with a bra and do show the how celebrate their figures and bodies.

I have been a speaker at the Comedy Convention since its inception. I enjoy the crowd. The ladies can be rowdy but they welcome my message. Today is my day to impart some wisdom. I am excited and ready!

I really want to speak more to women audiences. I want to share the message that a properly fitting bra. If you know of a women’s group, young to old, that would welcome a presentation on bras please contact me. Below is my speaker’s bio sheet. Check it out.

Until Tomorrow…

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