Day 17 of 100 Day Challenge: The Right Tools For The Job (Part1)

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In all aspects of life you and I will be doing stuff. We will be changing this, adding that, moving here and envisioning over there. For the purpose of this post I will be using the word “experience” to resent the doing, adding, changing, wanting of things and stuff. To have the experience we will need tools and resources. Those items can come in the form of information as well as actual instruments to be used. Whatever form the tool or resource is it must be user friendly, no matter the cost. If we can’t easily use the tool or resource then we wont have the desired experience. The experience comes to a full stop and all the cash and time invested was for not.

It Has To Be Perfect

What seems to happen, at least to me, is a confusion between the right tool to achieve the experience verses it being all snazzy or (fill in the black with whatever adjective of your choice). Then my desire for the snazzy leads to needing the experience being perfect. I find myself saying, if I had that snazzy tool or resource then my experience would be perfect. That’s crazy making and distracts from the desired experience.

I did not realize how much perfectionism premediated all aspects of my life until I created the first website for Sculpted Silhouette. I spent weeks fine tuning the site, making it shinny, pretty and snazzy. In the end, after the site went live and within the year, I scrapped it for another site all together because the website interface was not easy for me to use. Since I was the Webmaster for my site, I needed the platform to be Lorne friendly and it was not. The design of the site was “perfect” but I could not update the blog or change products easily. I did not have an ongoing budget for the designer to update or manage my site so I had to walk away and find another solution. That was a costly life and business lesson. Like most life lessons, I was reminded, AGAIN, that the tools and resources I use in life must be user friendly for me FIRST and snazzy SECOND.

The Right Tools For The Job

Take it from me, as you make your path on the uncharted terrain do not focus on the new, shinny or snazzy. You already have way too much to manage.  To escape the trap of perfectionism, find and use tools and resources that are right/best/correct and are easy to use for your desired experience. This will shift your efforting, energy and perspective back to the priority, having the experience.

In the comments section below share with me if this has been helpful to you.

Until Tomorrow…

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