Day 16 of 100 Day Challenge: I’m So C.O.O.L.

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Prince died today. Umm HELLO Prince is GONE. He was an artist and musician who was dedicated to his vision and lived it fully. I saw him in concert and had the time of my life. When he began to sing “C.O.O.L”, he said he looked into the mirror and was inspired to wrote that song. WHAT! Talk about confidence. Prince did his thang and the world cheered him on in the process. We accepted and love him for his high heels, bright colors, screaming and fly hair.

I Admire Prince For

  1. Being bold and confident to express himself in a way that he chose.
  2. Standing up for himself and putting the record label executives in their place.
  3. Learning his craft and mastering musicianship.
  4. Developing other musicians.
  5. The Songs!

My Theme Song for 2016

Every once in a while I make a song my theme song and now my theme song is C.O.O.L. I want to look into the mirror and inspire myself to create something the world loves because I AM SO COOL.

Share with me in the comments below what your favorite Prince song is in the comments below and/or what your theme song is for this year.

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