Day 15 of 100 Day Challenge: Don’t Listen To What Other People Say

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This morning’s song is, “They Don’t Know” by Jon B. The chorus is looping. Since I believe these are divine messages, or at least my subconscious yelling, I really listen to the chorus. I listen to the lyrics as if GOD is talking to me. Hang in there with me, I promise this will be helpful. Keeping in mind GOD is talking to me, I can interrupt the message as keep the faith because “they don’t know what this (your life/your career/your desire) is” and literally “don’t listen to what other people say”.

Side Bar…For those who may think I am crazy or it is my subconscious playing a song I heard before going to sleep, I say NOPE. I tend to fall asleep listening to some kind of meditation music or nothing at all.

Keep The Faith

One of the biggest characteristics required for pursuing a career, business, nonprofit or an interests that is not on the packed highway of life as we know, is exercising faith. Faith, for me is a verb. It is an action word. One uses faith. A person can display faith only through their actions or demonstrations. Faith is not an object or a possession.

The bible talks about having faith as small as a mustard seed. With that small amount of faith a person can move mountains. Right now all my faith is being funneled into my professional life. I used the mustered seed size faith to test the hypothesis that I might enjoy teaching in higher education. That was proven correct.

Using faith is similar to exercising. The action of faith builds upon itself. The mustard seed size amount used before has to be increased for the next moving of mountains/desire/goal. Now I using my faith to manage my professional life in a way that is best suited for me and my desires which by the way is unconventional and requires a lot of faith. The landscape of careers has changed so much since I finished undergrad twenty years ago. The beauty and benefit to me is that what was once no conceivable as a job or only for the privileged is now accessible. Therefore using my faith to get off the highway and travel the road not paved is scary, exciting and does not require a fire burning bush for me to act. My increased faith comes into play because I am expecting there to be ground under foot and not a cliff as I step forward.

Don’t Listen To What Other People Say

Don’t listen to what other people say, means not seeking advice from others. That is a hard habith for me to break. I have always been one to seek advice from people who know more than me or who have what I desire. What I have to acknowledge right now, this very moment, is I don’t know anyone who has the kind of professional or professional and personal life combination I truly desire.

In addition, I have to value my point of view over anyone else’s. I will have to make that choice moment by moment every day. One of my biggest disappointments is acknowledging that I suppressed myself. I didn’t notice how the little acquiesces I did over time built up into denying my true desires. What I thought was compromising was actually allowing other people’s agendas to become mine. The problem was I did not want what they wanted and the compromises did not get me what I wanted. Instead I became an angry, confused, neglectful and unsure. I am still getting myself out of that ditch by, yep you guessed it , not listening to what other people say.

Finally, not listening to others means I have to listen to GOD’s voice, only. That means the chatter in my mind has to be zoned out so I can hear that still small voice. Meditation, journaling and prayer are the tools required to muffle the mental chatter/ego/doubt/fear. It also means, I have faith that the voice I am calling GOD is GOD.

Take advice from Jon B. “Don’t listen to what people say. They don’t know about you…Put it (what they want for you or from you) out your mind cause it’s jealousy. They don’t know about this (thriving on the unchartered path) here.” Start with a mustard seed size of faith and follow your heart. It will work out in your favor.

How have you use faith on the road less traveled? Share with us below.

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