Day 13 of 100 Day Challenge: YouTube You Rock!

Published by Lorne S. Wellington on

Out of all of the social media platforms the one I use most is YouTube. It is my go to for so much in my life. Below are the various ways I use YouTube.

  1. I find something to make me laugh.
  2. I can be motivated or inspired.
  3. I can learn something new.
  4. I have improved my skills for styling my natural hair.
  5. I listen to books.
  6. I watch the videos for new songs.
  7. I listen to music on demand.
  8. When I have a question, YouTube will have an answer.
  9. I can get more than one perspective on topic.
  10. It helps me enhance my teaching in the classroom.
  11. I get ideas for making big to simple changes in my life.
  12. I can watch movies.

I want to make videos and have a presence on YouTube. Check out and subscribe to my channel and Sculpted Silhouette’s channel. I have a few ideas I am working on now. Until then I will be a ever faithful user.

If you have a favorite YouTube video or have a channel post the links below in the comments. I will check it out.

Until Tomorrow…


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