Day 10 of 100 Day Challenge: Accepting My Needs

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In May 2012, I learned of multipassionate entrepreneurs. I saw myself in the description. Having a professional label and declaring it publicly was a great feeling. I could see more of my path than before. I wrote about in the post, “I am Lorne S. Wellington. I am an Entrepreneur. I Have Many Ideas and Interests.”

The Perfect Plan = Success

As time passed, I got little hints, signs, and reassurances I was on the right track but I was still barely making enough money to pay all of my bills on time. Somewhere along life’s journey, I convinced myself I needed to have the perfect plan, under the perfect conditions in order for it to all happen. Because that could be the only reason why “it” had not happened.

Now I know there is no perfect plan nor are there perfect conditions but I insisted that if I did not know the full perfect plan of action then I would do nothing. I can’t emphasize enough that I know from experience life operates best when we trust and act on intuition. Yet I was not cooperating. Instead, I was becoming angry that my life was not working out. I was blaming the world for my problems. What was even more surprising is I opted out of living fully. I stopped seeing friends. I only spent time with family on holidays. As you can see I tend to be an all or nothing kind of lady.

My Needs = The Best Plan For Me

However, somewhere deep inside I allowed a little bit of hope to burn its light. I read books, I followed a few personalities online, watch a tons of videos and I did personal development exercises. The results of the work were consistent. One, I prefer beginnings, middles, and ends. Two, I saw myself associated with several projects/ideas/endeavors all at one time. Three, I need to travel. Four, I wanted to control my time. And five, my ambition was enormous. Accepting these aspects of my personality was a big deal.

Multi-Passionate or Hummingbird?

Then the confirmations that I was on the right track started to poured in. The best confirmation is Elizabeth Gilbert’s Flight of the Hummingbird talk she delivered at the Super Soul Sessions. She validated my perspective on “follow your passion” and offered suggestions for living a life through curiosity. This path that we are on seems scary or uncomfortable because the perspective that dominates, is a person thrives only when they follow their singular passion to bliss. Hear me that is only ONE way to live, it is not THE way to live. No matter what you label it, a multi-passionate entrepreneur or a hummingbird, there is space for you to live an amazing life.

What do you really NEED for your life and business/nonprofit to work for you? The first step on this journey is admitting your truth and saying what you need. Please share in the comments below.

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