Day 1 of 100 Day Challenge

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It seems to me that my strides of success in life come consistently inconsistent. I make headway or I accomplish a goal and then the lull sets in. There is an assumption that momentum will take over but it doesn’t come by to hang out with me. I feel the push and pull or the ebb and flow of making lasting changes in life and it sucks. So in my ongoing quest to finally create my dream life, I am choosing to motivate myself through a challenge.

While preparing for a new course I will be teaching starting tomorrow, I asked myself a question. Honestly, I don’t remember the question but I know it had something to do with achieving my 2016 goals and pondering how to get out of the latest rut I am experiencing. As soon as I asked the question, a quick answer came to mind. It seemed a bit random but I listened instead of drowning it out with mental noise. I heard, “You should do a 100 Day Challenge.” Ok, 100 days of doing specific tasks to accomplish a goal, fast. I have not researched this topic but I am assuming that the challenge is focused on one goal. One doable goal. Ok, I can do that. I can do specific actions daily to realize a goal.

Before I figure out what the singular goal is, I group text 12 women in my network asking them to join me in this 100 day quest. Only 2 responded with, “Yes, I am in.” At least I have two ladies to be accountable to… So what is my singular goal? What habit am I trying to establish? For the next 100 days, I will be blogging.

I own two businesses, I am an adjunct professor and I am in the process of going back to graduate school. I have lots going on. I have BIG ambitious desires. I have a lot of ideas. Yet, many of my ideas sit and catch dust leaving my ambition to go unquenched. My BIG desires do the two step dance with me. Two steps forward and one step back. I have tons of projects that need to be completed that are all piled up in my living space. As you can see I don’t feel so good about my current situation. Without hesitation, that same voice says “Spend the 100 days blogging and doing all you can online for your business.” A grimace comes to my face but I agree.

Why a 100 Day Challenge?

I am doing this to “get over it already.” You see I have issues with the internet. I have an aversion to being social online. I will share the underlying issue in a future post. For now, just accept that refocusing my time to do this daily is going to be a test/trial/experiment but it is necessary.

I am doing this 100 Day Challenge because I resist doing what I label as online marketing, like a child fighting sleep when company is over. Ok, I am saying it out loud, I am typing it and I am sharing this publicly for the entire world to see. For the next 100 days, I will be blogging about my life and building up my business online.

Join Me For The Next 100 Days

I would like to extend this challenge to you. Join me for 100 days and commit to doing something that will have a positive impact in your life. I suggest choosing a goal or a desire that is realistic for a 100 day period. It could be to walk every day for 30 minutes or to do the necessary tasks for getting a new job or to drink 64oz daily. Any one of those goals will change your life for the better. The more of us doing this together, the more support we will have to be accomplish our goals. GOOD LUCK!

Share with me in the comments below what you decided will be your 100 Day Challenge.

Alright back to preparing for school.


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