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Always Perpekto

Being a first time business owner there are always questions one may have pertaining to their business.  Lorne has always been my go to person whenever I needed guidance or feedback pertaining to my event planning company.  She has always offered suggestions and solutions to situations where I did not see an obvious clear answer.  Lorne’s warm and friendly personality makes her easy to talk to and never ends a conversation without finding a solution to your problem.Wenda Evans of Always Perpekto

Closet Collection Int’l

As a new business owner I find myself often inundated with information and research. Even the smallest of information can be extremely helpful. Lorne’s ability to break down and explain the rules for a start-up business in conjunction with her knowledge and background as a hands-on entrepreneur helped me from making a mistake that would have cost me at least $1,000. When starting from scratch, every penny is valuable and with Lorne’s consulting I felt I was properly informed about the system in order to make the best decision for myself, my company and my pocket book!Mia Anita, Founder and Owner

Client List: Since 2005

Ayanna ListenBee

Growth Motivator Enterprises, Inc.

Norma Hollis, LLC

Always Perpekto

Closet Collection Int’l

Gondobay Manga Foundation

Gorilla Life

Dawn Enterprises

Cultural Interiors (formally Arrivals)

2001 to 2005

  • ICE Media, Johannesburg, South Africa
  • SABCHOA, Johannesburg, South Africa

1996 to 2000