I am an Educator… I am always sharing the latest information, tips or best practices. With my staff, I invest in my teams’ capacity through training. Over the years business owners and nonprofit leaders continue to come to me with their questions and challenges. Never wanting to disappoint or lead them astray, I provide resources and several solutions, with background information, so they can make the best decisions for themselves, their companies or organizations. Now with all of that experience I am teaching at a local college and I love it!

I am an Entrepreneur… I opened my first business, Mother’s Day Off, at the age of 12. It was a party planning business with a niche service. I created the BEST EVER first birthday parties, so the mom could enjoy that day and focus on her baby’s milestone. After college I founded a nonprofit organization, The Wellington Foundation, focusing on college students obtaining professional skills prior to graduation through service learning projects at small businesses. In 2001, I took an opportunity of a lifetime and moved abroad for five years. During my time abroad, I fined tuned my entrepreneurial skills and Lorne the management consultant was born. Upon returning home I shifted gears again. Addressing a need of mine and of most women I  launched a direct sales-home party lingerie business in 2007. I grew Sculpted Silhouette from a home based enterprise to a brick and motor boutique. In my quest to become a mogul (yep you read that right), in 2010 I purchased a franchise.

Lorne S. Wellington 2016

I am a Mojo Mixer… At a dinner party, I conversed with Sarah. A few days later, the hostess shared with me that my interaction with her had a profound impact on her life. When I saw Sarah months later, she described the significance of what resulted from our exchange. I was happy to help. As time passed, I would see her at various events. Her greeting was always the same. “Hey, there is my guru!” To that, I would express “Naw. That isn’t me”.

Meanwhile, I was dealing with my own stuff. I journaled, used self-help assessments, and prayed to GOD. As a last resort, I sought guidance from a few people that knew me from diverse experiences. ALL suggested that I become a Coach. That was not the answer I was seeking. That had been encouraged for almost a decade, and I was still resistant to the notion. I asked why their answers were similar. They felt the way I helped people with their lives and businesses was unlike other coaches and consultants. It was tangible, honest, and produced results.

Almost a year after meeting Sarah, we were at an event. The MC wanted the audience to mingle. As we networked, the MC directed us to describe ourselves in three words. I knew two of my three words, educator and entrepreneur, and intended on omitting the third. However, Sarah was not going to let that happen. At that event, I prayed for guidance. Mojo Mixer was the answer.

Lorne S. Wellington An Entrepreneur That Educates People To Realize Their Mojo

Lorne S. Wellington is an Educator, Entrepreneur, and Mojo Mixer with over 20 years of international business and nonprofit management experience. In 2007 she created Sculpted Silhouette, a bespoke lingerie retailer in Los Angeles. Later in 2010 she acquired a Jan Pro Franchise. If she wasn’t busy enough, in 2016 she joined  FIDM as an Adjunct Professor. Combined with her management expertise and several entrepreneurial endeavors, she initiated educational, community and marketing ventures in globally. Applying her MBA education to a variety of sectors, she improved the operations, fiscal and management systems of several businesses and nonprofit organizations in USA, Italy, and South Africa.  As a business leader, Lorne trained and mentored staff members, interns, volunteers and nonprofit board of directors.


I am an entrepreneur with over 20 years of international business and nonprofit management experience. I applied my MBA education to a variety of sectors, improved the operations, fiscal and management systems of several businesses and nonprofit organizations in USA, Italy and South Africa. If I wasn’t busy enough, I am an Adjunct Professor at a local college.